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A natural way to improve your posture and relieve both neck and back pain by realigning your vertebrae to the proper position.


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Over 1,000 happy customers can't be wrong.

Really helpful!

I am really happy with the quality of the material and the softness and strength of the adjustable strap. It’s really comfortable and that was not the case with other shoulder alignment products I have tried over the years! It’s easy to adjust and really helps to relax shoulder and neck tension quickly. This is helpful for me to wear when I’m really busy around the house and holding stress in my shoulders while distracted. Really good.


Brooklyn, NY

great for desk work!

I had a lot of laptop work to complete that made me find something to help. It made an incredible difference. Comfortable & I'd recommend for desk work, especially anything standing in one place for a time, and long drives too! Your neck, spine and thoracic skeletal bones will thank you!


Cerritos, CA

it's working!

I tried this product out of sheer curiosity. I saw great results for others, and wanted to improve my own posture. Immediately I put it on and felt uncomfortable, which told me that my posture really was THAT bad. I wore it for the recommended time and took it off. I was so surprised that my muscles actually felt some fatigue. I have continued using this item and it no longer feels uncomfortable, which would point to: IT'S WORKING! My posture has definitely improved and I hope that it continues to.


Orlando, FL

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How does it work?

BodyWellness™realigns your vertebrae to their proper position while working out, lifting, sitting at the computer desk, working in the office etc. When your body adjusts to wearing BodyWellness™, muscle memory will form so that even when taking it off, your body will naturally adjust to its newer and healthier posture.

Why should I get it now?

Because if you don't get it today, you'll miss out on 50% OFF discount and our FREE proprietary Pain Relief Program™(Valued at $30), which includes PT approved stretching and exercises (with video demonstrations) to relieve your back and knee pain, together with eating plans for your specific weight category & 200+ healthy recipes.

P.S: Our stock is running short, we may raise our price very soon.

Is your stuff any good?

Indeed it is. We've got many positive reviews and returning customers (click here to view all). We only source our products from the best manufacturers. Unlike other vendors, we stress more on quality.

Is this like one of those online stores that are impossible to ask for refund?

No way. We hope you're 100% satisfied with our products. We want to build a long term relationship with you, so we give you 60-day Money Back Guarantee.

You're convinced, right?

Good. Now it's time to take the plunge and correct your posture for pain relief with BodyWellness™ !

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