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Best Foods For Your Sleep

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Yes, I'm telling you to eat......

food for sleep

Foods high in tryptophan are beneficial sleep aids. Prior to hitting the sack, try one or more of the following foods to assist you in sleep. The basic denominator in these foods is that they contain tryptophan which has been demonstrated to assist sleep:
  •  Sesame seeds

  •  Fortified cereal

  •  Valerian Tea

  •  Bananas

  •  Cheeries

  •  Jasmine Rice

  •  Sweat Potato

  •  Turkey

  •  Silken Tofu

food for sleep


Get a mental picture of granddad last Thanksgiving Day: at rest on the couch, head back, belt open -and it was only six p.m. It's not his 80 years it's the turkey.

Turkey holds tryptophan, an aminoalkanoic acid that turns to the sleep - advancing neurotransmitter serotonin.

To feel the turkey sleep enhancer, try eating a turkey sandwich 60 minutes before bedtime.

How to make a turkey sandwich? Watch the video below.

Warm milk

Equivalent to turkey, milk bears tryptophan, and the calcium and magnesium in milk assist and enhance the transition of tryptophan to serotonin.

As for whether there's any reality to the old story about warm milk's slumber - causing powers, there is no study out yet.

I've heard for a long time that warming the milk makes the tryptophan more bioavailable to the body. However no one has ever executed a clinical study on warm milk vs. cold milk.

If the idea of warm milk makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, apply it. If it makes you want to gag, gulp it cold. Either direction, try out a glass an hour prior to bedtime.

How to Warm Up a Cup of Delicious Milk? Watch the video below.

Prevent these foods prior to bedtime as they've been demonstrated to interrupt sleep patterns:

  • Intoxicants Sugar

  • Sauerkraut Cocoa

  • Caffeine

       Teas & herbaceous plants

foods for sleep

A different option to prescription slumber aids are teas made from these herbaceous plants which have shown to be good as a natural slumber aid.

  •  Nepeta cataria

  •  Hops

  •  Valerian root (which is in liquid or capsule forms)

  •  Passionflower vine (brew with chamomile)

  • Skullcap

  • Chamaemelum nobilis

Good Vitamin Supplementations

In addition to sound foods, there are a measure of nutritional supplements that may also help remedy sleeplessness.

1. Calcium

Try Calcium that has long been acclaimed as a natural slumber aid.

You are able to get better results by taking 1000 mg of Calcium lactate, or 1500-2000 mg calcium chelate. If having calcium chelate, it's suggested to take it in split up doses.

2. Magnesium

Try 1000 mg of Magnesium instead of prescription slumber aids. These supplementations are best taken after meals and at bedtime

Likewise helpful to get more beneficial slumber is B complex plus extra pantothen; Inositol, and B6. Always observe the label recommendations.

3. L-theanine

Try out L-theanine aminoalkanoic acid.

This is a fantastic slumber aid! While L-theanine doesn't bring on sleep it does calm the “engaged mind” and does bring on alpha rhythm activity in the brain. This free form aminoalkanoic acid, gained from green tea, quiets and relaxes without side effects.

Sleep and Dreams

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